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Awards Committee Chair:

  1. Inform the membership by email that the nominating period for Member of the Year is open until April 15.

  2. Provide the membership instructions to make a nomination.


Sec./Treas. Deadline File 990-N with IRS. Forward copy to David Reed


Sec/Treas.  Deadline to File Annual report with Sec. of State


Sec/Treas. Membership Dues Notice


Awards Committee nominating period for the Ray D. Kennedy Achievement Award and the Member of the Year Awards


Chair of the Awards Committee to compile information regarding nominees and/or to let committee know that it should make nominations.


Sec/Treas. File updates with State of TN Charitable Solicitations.


Nominating Committee Chair shall notify the regular members of upcoming Board of Elections and note that the deadline to submit is June 1.


Deadline for the Awards Committee to meet and vote to determine by simple majority the recipient of the awards.


Deadline for membership to make nominations for board members.


Compile Annual Conference Speaker information for Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission’s July Board meeting.  This approval of program for Continuing Education Credits for Real Estate Appraisers. Their Board Meeting is usually the middle of the month.

DPA, CTAS and IAAO will also need a portion of this info for their approval process.


Deadline for Awards Committee to notify Sec./Treas. Of the names of the recipients of awards.


Nominating Committee: The Chair, each year on or before July 7th, shall notify those nominees whose nominations have been approved of the approval, shall provide same with the email addresses of the entire membership, and shall notify the entire via email of the candidates.


Renew Bond with Provider.


Annual Meeting


Executive Board-Transfer of Books and Records. Following the annual elections upon the end of each term, officers shall, by September  15, turn over the Chapter Books and records that have been his or her responsibility to the incoming officer or the incoming Secretary who shall distribute same as appropriate.


Executive Board Elections-  Officers shall take office on October 1 following the announcement of the election results at the annual meeting or immediately upon the vote of the Executive Board if filling a vacancy.


Secretary/Treasurer Report to prepare an annual report of Chapter Events


Sec/Treasurer to invoice for member dues


Sec/Treasurer shall bill all prior year’s members and new members liable for membership dues during the month of January


President-Appoint Committee Members.


Deadline for payment of membership dues.